How To download diskdigger Photo Recovery Apk


One of the most dramatic events for any smartphone user is when you accidentally erase photos and video files. Recovering them is not an easy task, especially if you erased them some time ago. The reason for this is that the space taken by them will be rewritten with new files. DiskDigger is a free app that makes erased file recovery simple and easy.

It works on Android devices, although you must have a rooted tablet or smartphone to get the best results.

How to recover deleted photos

Even though DiskDigger is already a well-known tool to recover files in a multi-platform setting, we will focus exclusively on this Android version. Recently, the option to recover photos and videos on devices that did not allow you root access was added to the features this app offers, but truth be told, this function is quite limited for now.

After completing the scan, you will get a list with all the files available for recovery. There, you will be able to select the elements you want to maintain both locally as well as by sending them via external application. Better yet, the Pro full-feature version of the application includes extras that provide you with the possibility to upload whatever you want to recover via an FTP server.



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