How to download kinemaster pro apk – What is kinemaster ?


Hello friends, do you want to know about kinemaster and you have some questions about kinemaster , you are in the right place. In this article I will clear every doubt about kinemaster like what is kinemaster, how can we edit our videos with kinemaster, how to install kinemaster, kinemaster free or not. Personal two-year experience on kinemaster for editing youtube so without wasting your time let’s get started.

What is kinemaster ?

Kinemaster is an application for editing videos in other words you can tell kinemaster is a video editing application or video editor software. Kinemaster is widely used video editing software and its uses are increasing day by day. Most of YouTuber who edit his video by the helping the kinemaster application. If you are searching for a video application or software to edit your video professionally with mobile then kinemaster application is one of the best choices for you.

How to download kinemaster ?

Kinemaster application is available on the play store so you can easily download kinemaster from the play store. There are following step for download and install kinemaster.

Kinemaster pro apk download
· First of all open play store and search kinemaster on search box.
· After that you will see “kinemaster – video editor, video maker” from Kinemaster corporation. Which have 100 million-plus download and 4.5 rating out of 5.
· After that click on download and then install it.

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When you will successfully install kinemaster on your device then open it you will ask for give storage permission and other permission so click on the yes button.

Kinemaster is free or paid software

Many people want to ask Kinemaster is free software or paid software. Let me tell you clearly that you can also use kinemaster for free, but some features can not be used, as well as a you see a  watermark “made with kinemaster” on your video.
But if you take the paid service of Kinemaster, then you will open all the features as well as the watermark of kinemaster will not be seen. My advice is that if you are entering the field of video editing, then you should use the free version first, if you like it then after that you can get paid for it.
How to edit video on kinemaster ?
If you have ever done video editing, you will not take much time to learn editing in kinemaster, and soon you will learn video editing very well. But for the first time you have stepped into the video editing field or a little bit of video editing comes to you, you will gradually understand everything and after some time you will also learn video editing from kinemaster. There are many steps for video editing so I will explain one by one feature of kinemaster, the following are the instructions of editing video.
How to select a video for editing ?
Here are the following step fo selecting a video for editing


Kinemaster pro apk download

 Click on the plus icon on kinemaster application.

Kinemaster pro apk download

After that you have to select the aspect ratio of the project. If you want to create a video for Instagram then select a 1:1 ratio, if want to create a video for YouTube, presentation, and other then select 16:9 ratio this is widely used, and last if you want to create a video for like TikTok then select 9:16 ratio.


After that you have to select a video that you want to edit.


Kinemaster pro apk download
How to trim a video on kinemaster?
If you want to cut (trim) a video on kinemaster then follow the following. Steps

·  First of all select a video that you want to cut or trim by the above process.
· After that tap on the video which you want to trim.
· Then on the right side of the screen you will see many options, then you have to tap on the trim the option ( catcher icon).
· Now you can trim your video according to your choice.


How to voiceover on video using Kinemaster?
Now you can easily do a voiceover on any video using Kinemaster. After adding videos in which you want to make a voiceover. When you tap on the microphone icon then voiceover will be started and green light will be flash. You hold down the mic icon until you want to voiceover. After that you will show your voiceover audio than tap on that now you can see too many options like review, re-record, voice volume, voice filter, and trim.
How to add music on videos using Kinemaster?
You can also add any music to any video easily. If you want to add music then tap op music icon now there are many music will be seen you can play that music and add that music by a tap on the plus icon. Now you can edit your music also. Tap on the selected music then a pop-up will show on the right side of the screen, here you can trim, change filter, manage the volume of your music.
There any many more things you can do in kinemaster because it is a perfect video editing software for making professional videos. If you have any doubts about kinemaster you can ask in the comment section our team will reply if possible.


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