How to increase likes on instagram 2020 | instagram par like kaise badhaye


How do you get the most popular Instagram content for your posts?

Step 1: Don’t buy them. (Trust me.)

Step 2: Don’t ask your Instagram audience what they can do for you, but what you can do for your Instagram audience.

Think of it this way: How can you make your Instagram posts more attractive?

Because the purpose on Instagram is to show your best side by sharing content with people who like you. It takes work, but once you are ready to make your game, we have 22 tips to get you started.

But wait, Instagram is hiding popularity now. Is it still important?
The answer is yes, of course. When you’re on Instagram, love is more popular than ever.

Maybe even more so, because some creators report that fans are a bit heartbroken, now that preferences are hidden.

(In case you missed it: in April 2019, Instagram started trying not to show the number of likes posted (AKA ‘like counts’) in the Canadian user supply. In July, Instagram extended the trial to include Australia, Brazil, Ireland , Italy, Japan and New Zealand.)

While you still see how many people like your post, you can’t see someone else’s numbers. The idea is to make all the information healthy and less competitive for users. Instagram explained: “We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how much they get to like you.”


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