how to write a check – how to fill out a check

Hello friends, welcome to our new article in which we will tell you how to write a check and how to fill out a check. We say that checkbook is a document to orders an account to pay a specific amount of money to the account holders. A check is like an empty document so that we fill the documents and give the bank branch, then they provide us with money.

The firstest proof the uses of Check in our country [INDIA]

In the period of the Maurya Empire in (321 to 185 BC), One person Adesha was using a technical instrument he wants to pay a third person. But at this time, we use very types of online payments. Still, when these types of Applications and other things are not in the market we use only (check-Book) checkbook is verified by the bank, it is beneficial for us at this time we also use a checkbook. Still, several times we handle all other things that are a checkbook.


Uses and the second one is We need some time money windrow that the source of windrow money in few minutes because that time we have few queries about these kinds of cash withdrawal. Still, in this Digital time, we have saved our more time at that time. We have no idea because our elders are old memories.

People on those our elders time they were going to the bank, and they began to a huge line some kinds of people take his/her money by credit cards and some people are given her/his own Bank account savings balance, and few people go to using check to withdrawal money my grandfather tells me a short story,
so that I am saying you, my grandfather-father give him a check to go to bank or withdrawal money.

Some Fact’s About Check

Q: – if I give you a full fill check to withdraw money without my sing, what can banker do?

Ans: – If I can’t understand that what should be filled in check and what not and I am going to the bank to withdraw money by check the bankers, he will return me to go to these account holders and rewrite the account details what should be able.

 Q: – What kinds of suggestions to fill a check by bankers?

Ans: – Bankers suggested to us, first of all, please fill your check in separately don’t showing any details of your checkbook account when you fill-up.

How to fill out a check


when you will write a blank check, first advise your bank branch, then they will tell you what you should write in a blank check. They said you first you take your bank account details and see the checkbook. What is the first line to fill up…
The first line in the left bottom

1. ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME- Rameshwar sriwastaw  Chaturvedi
2. FATHER’S NAME- Ramanand sriwastaw Chaturvedi
3. ADDRESS – XYZ Bihar, India
4. BANK NAME- Indian Bank
5. IFSC CODE – IND00587…
6. ACCOUNT NUMBER. Xxxxxxxxxxx5845
7. Signature on the check

After that, you have to visit the bank and just withdraw the check 
I hope you understand all the basics of How to fill the check. If you have any questions, then ask in the comment section we are happy to help you.


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