PowerDirector Pro Apk Download

how to download power director pro apk
Hello friends, do you want to know about How to download Powerdirector pro apk  and you have some questions about PowerDirector, you are in the right place. In this article I will clear every doubt about PowerDirector like what is PowerDirector, how can we edit our videos with PowerDirector, how to install PowerDirector, i have a Personal two-year experience on PowerDirector for editing youtube video so without wasting your time let’s get started.

How to download PowerDirector?

PowerDirector application is available on the play store so you can easily download PowerDirector from the play store.

PowerDirector Pro Apk Download
When you will successfully install PowerDirector on your device then open it you will ask for give storage permission and other permission so click on the yes button.

How to edit video in PowerDirector?

If you want to edit video in power director then you much follow these 5 steps.

Step1: Project name and selection of ratio these steps are very essential for beginners, so if you’re a beginner then follow these steps carefully. After you open the application, it will ask for some permission, so just allow all the permissions it asks. Now you’ll be directed to a new interface shown below. Here you have to select “Create a new project to start editing” option. Now a new interface opens as shown down below. Here you have to keep your project name as required and select a ratio. If you’re trying to edit videos for your YouTube channel then I strongly recommend you to use 16:9

PowerDirector Pro Apk Download
Click on the ratio you want and processed

Step2: Importing the file Now here you’ll have to select the video you want to edit. Here all the videos of your file will be displayed. So for importing it to the editing screen, you’ll have to click on it and then again click on ‘+’ icon. You can also drag the video downwards to bring it on the editing screen. After importing just click back button for further process.

Now you’ll see your video like this on the screen. You can move the blue line on the editing side down below for moving the video. If you want to import another video or audio again, just click on the option which is just below the home button shown in the left corner of the above picture.

Step3: Cutting and dragging video this step matters most because this is the most important step for editing. In this step, you can cut out the part of your video or audio which you don’t want. For this step you’ll have to take the blue line to the place where you want to start splitting the video. You can do it by dragging the editing panel to left side. Now click on the editing panel. 
PowerDirector Pro Apk Download
After clicking on the editing panel you’ll be given some option down below. Just click on the ‘split’ option to split the video at that point. On clicking on the split option, your video will split into two parts as shown in the below picture.

 Step4: Adding secondary audio, can make your video more interesting as it was before. So for adding secondary audio first you have to click on the back button and again the importing screen appears. Just click on the audio option on the upper right side of the screen as shown in the below picture. Here you’ll have some options like ‘Music’ and ‘Voice Over’. Select the ‘Music’ option if you have any music which you want to add and then click on the ‘+’ add button.

Or you can click on ‘Voice Over’ if you want to give your own sound. If you’re going to do voice over on your video then click on the option, click on ‘rec’ icon on the left side. And just select ‘the first audio track’ option. Remember to choose the starting point of your voice over by adjusting the blue line. All these beginner’s steps are over and now it’s time to save your editing into your storage

Step5: Exporting After following all these steps I hope your video got edited nicely. Now it’s time to save your work. For saving the edited video to your file, just click on the export button which is located on the right corner of the screen. Just click on it and select the first option ‘Save to Gallery or SD card’. After that select the quality of video and then click on produce. A purchase screen can appear after that so just click on the back button if it appears. Now your exporting will begin and your video will be saved to your file Gallery.

About Power Director

Power Director is a famous video editing application with the help of which you can do video editing in your phone and in Power Director you will get many features, from which you can make a good video. Power director has many such features which are given in a pro application, but in this you also have both a paid plan and a Free plan, even if you go in the free plan, you will get to see many features but if you go in the both plan So you have a green screen.



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